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How We Charge Employees For Our Services

Our guiding principal is no hidden costs or expenses. We want to avoid unexpected surprises about our fees for you.

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Our main employee funding options

Before we start acting for you we will always discuss and agree with you how we will charge for our services. We will also set an initial cost budget or estimate with you so that you will know what we aim to do for you and how much your legal fees are likely to be.

As your case progresses we will keep you informed of the level of your costs incurred and our estimated future costs.

In most cases it is also important for us to keep under review the level of your legal fees against the value of your claim or dispute.

Agreed hourly rates

Most of our work is charged based on hourly rates.

The hourly rates we offer reflect the experience of the solicitor(s) who will be acting for you and the complexity of your case.

Our hourly rates range from £165 plus VAT to £205 plus VAT. We think you will find our rates competitive compared to most other specialist employment law solicitors.


For some work we will be able to offer you a fixed-fee to carry out a specific task or step.

A good example is when we are asked to review and advise on a director’s new service agreement or a manager’s contract of employment.

A fixed-fee becomes payable once you give us instructions to carry out the agreed work.

Legal expenses insurance funding

We act for many employee clients who have all or most of their legal fees paid for under a legal expenses insurance policy. It can be an excellent means of funding an employment tribunal claim, but will not normally cover advice and guidance work prior to an actual dismissal or resignation.

Many individuals have this type of insurance as an add-on to home contents or car insurance. Most people do not know or remember they have it! To check you should call your insurance broker or insurance company direct and ask.

Although you should have the right to select a solicitor of your choice, some insurers are not keen to volunteer this information to you. Instead the insurer will want you to use an in-house or their nominated solicitors. This approach can be fine but you may well not get the same level of advice or service compared to Quantrills.  At Quantrills we guarantee that your case will be handled by an experienced and qualified employment law solicitor, not a paralegal or an unqualified case worker. If you want to appoint Quantrills to deal with your claim please call us to discuss how best to complete the application form for cover.

Payment from your employer

Win or lose at an employment tribunal neither party is normally entitled to recover any legal costs.

Invariably, as part of a negotiated settlement, an employer (or ex-employer) will agree to pay a contribution towards the employee’s legal costs and VAT. In some cases the employer will pay all legal fees.

If you are being asked to sign a settlement agreement you should expect your employer to contribute towards your legal fees.

For more details about how we can help you with your Settlement Agreement please click here.

No win no fee

We do not offer any form of no win no fee arrangements. These do not successfully work in employment law cases. In our experience an employee client can easily lose out under these arrangements.

How to keep your legal fees under control

You can keep control of your legal costs by following our advice in How to keep your legal fees under control.

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Before you call or meet with us it will help us better understand the background facts and your concerns if you:

  • find your contract of employment or service agreement
  • collect together any other relevant correspondence, emails and documents
  • prepare a short chronology or list of key events
  • use one of our online forms to tell us about your problem.

Our online forms are the easy and convenient way to tell us about your case. Our ‘save as you go’ feature lets you complete your answers in your own time.

Reasons to choose Quantrills

Expert help from solicitors Your case will be personally handled by a qualified employment law solicitor with years of experience who will make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Jargon free advice Our clear and straightforward advice ensures you understand your legal position helping you make informed decisions.

Convenient easy access We like to hear form our clients. Instructing your solicitor at Quantrills is easy by:

  • phone and email
  • our online forms you can save
  • meetings held in person, by telephone or Skype

Best client care How we look after you as a client is very important to us so you will recieve:

  • same day response
  • highest quality legal advice and representation
  • value for money and competitive fee options with no hidden costs


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Right from my first meeting, Quantrills gave me the confidence to pursue my claim for unfair dismissal

Employee client thanking Tina Cotter about her work

I was given honest and realistic advice and everything was explained clearly. I felt extremely comfortable dealing with Tina through what was a challenging process. And the best part was that the Tribunal found in my favour. Thank you Quantrills.

At all times, I felt that I was given clear information and instructions from Quantrills as my case progressed, both in what the legal costs would be and what steps would be taken

Employee client talking about the client care we provided during her case

I was helped and guided to make my own decisions about my case, and I always felt that I was given all of the facts to help me make those decisions. I was given very detailed information about what was happening and was reassured at all times that everything was being done to minimise the financial risk to me and also to keep Quantrills’s charges as low as possible.

I want to express my sincere thanks to you and Tina for your help and support in concluding my claim

Thank you note to Simon Quantrill from employee client after settling his unfair dismissal and discrimination claim

As you know my case followed a period of illness, has been extremely difficult for me but has only been bearable knowing that I had your support and expert guidance throughout.

Julie Temple or one of her team were always at the end of the phone to answer questions, giving me unemotional advice

Thank you message about Julie Temple from employee client

My employer was a huge multi-national organisation who had the weight of departments of lawyers at their call. This was not a problem. Julie Temple drafted letters and emails for me to send that were better than I could have written and not only because they were in real 'legal speak' but because they got straight to the point and were unemotional. My claim was successful as I got my ex-employer to admit their behaviour was wrong which was my goal.