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Our Client Care Service Standards

How we look after you as a client is very important to us. We want to provide you with the highest quality legal advice and the best client care. We aim to ensure that using Quantrills helps you achieve your objectives and proves an outstanding and reassuring experience for you.

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Our Client Care Service Standards

We will do our utmost to:

  • deal with your instructions in a competent and professional manner, with care and diligence
  • speak with you when you telephone, or if this is not possible, return your call as quickly as possible
  • reply to your correspondence and emails promptly
  • always work efficiently to minimise your legal costs
  • update you about your case as developments take place
  • keep you regularly informed of our progress
  • communicate with you clearly, keeping legal jargon to a minimum; and where we have to use legal jargon we will explain what it means in plain language.
  • keep you informed of your legal costs at regular intervals
  • keep you advised of the likely timescales for each stage of your instructions and any important changes in our cost estimates or agreed cost budgets
  • seek to resolve any concern or complaint quickly and fairly.

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Get prepared

Before you call or meet with us it will help us better understand the background facts and your concerns if you:

  • find your contract of employment or service agreement
  • collect together any other relevant correspondence, emails and documents
  • prepare a short chronology or list of key events
  • use one of our online forms to tell us about your problem.

Our online forms are the easy and convenient way to tell us about your case. Our ‘save as you go’ feature lets you complete your answers in your own time.

Reasons to choose Quantrills

Expert help from solicitors Your case will be personally handled by a qualified employment law solicitor with years of experience who will make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Jargon free advice Our clear and straightforward advice ensures you understand your legal position helping you make informed decisions.

Convenient easy access We like to hear form our clients. Instructing your solicitor at Quantrills is easy by:

  • phone and email
  • our online forms you can save
  • meetings held in person, by telephone or Skype

Best client care How we look after you as a client is very important to us so you will recieve:

  • same day response
  • highest quality legal advice and representation
  • value for money and competitive fee options with no hidden costs


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At all times, I felt that I was given clear information and instructions from Quantrills as my case progressed, both in what the legal costs would be and what steps would be taken

Employee client talking about the client care we provided during her case

I was helped and guided to make my own decisions about my case, and I always felt that I was given all of the facts to help me make those decisions. I was given very detailed information about what was happening and was reassured at all times that everything was being done to minimise the financial risk to me and also to keep Quantrills’s charges as low as possible.

I felt fully supported throughout my case, both by my solicitor and by Simon Quantrill himself, who kept a close eye on the progress of my claim, particularly as we neared the end of my case

Employee client confirming the high level of personal attention she received

My case proved to be quite a long and arduous journey at times involving meeting medical experts and a barrister. I felt that my solicitor was robust yet courteous in dealing with my employer and this finally led to a successful negotiated settlement in my favour without going to court.

I felt cared for and supported

Employee client thanking Carly Murphy for her support

It was a privilege to know you and throughout I have felt well cared for and supported. I admire your unflappableness at times of stress. Many, many thanks again for your support, long suffering listening ear and for your perseverance. I wish you all the very best for the future.

I phoned Simon Quantrill who listened with a dispassionate ear and gave me the confidence that I had a real issue to resolve with my employer

Grateful employee client after settling her claim of unfair dismissal

I did not know what to do. Talking to my boss made me feel as if I was being unreasonable. I didn't know where to turn and did a search on the Internet for a specialist in employment law and found Quantrills. They turned out to be true professionals.