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Redundancy Dismissals

Giving you the best redundancy advice – for us it’s personal

Are you an employee at risk of being made redundant and unhappy about your selection? Are you worried your employer’s redundancy procedure is unfair or discriminatory?

The employment law solicitors at Quantrills can help answer all your redundancy questions especially if you are worried about the fairness of your pending or actual dismissal for redundancy.

Check your employment law rights on redundancy

We can advise you about your employment law rights and whether you have a valid claim for unfair dismissal, discrimination or breach of contract.

If you have been offered a redundancy compensation package we can advise you about its value, terms and whether you should accept it.

Using our extensive experience we routinely advise all types and levels of employees who live and work throughout the UK who are facing a redundancy related dismissal.

Comprehensive redundancy dismissal advice

Redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal and in many cases there may be little or no scope for you to complain that your redundancy dismissal was unfair or discriminatory. Nevertheless, if you are unsure or unhappy about your selection for a redundancy dismissal you should get advice urgently about your legal rights, if possible, before you are dismissed.

When facing redundancy it’s normal to feel unsettled and unsure about the future, especially if you are worried your selection for redundancy is unjustified. If you instruct Quantrills one of our employment law solicitors will discuss your case with you and check your employer’s redundancy procedure and advise you about any issues.

We will tell you if your employer’s approach is open to criticism and help you challenge what your employer is doing; equally, we will also tell you if your employer is acting properly. Either way our advice should reassure you and, if necessary, help you take all necessary steps to protect your legal position.

How to ask us to help you

For more information about how we can help you see Advice and guidance for employees.

Questions and answers

What is a redundancy dismissal?

A redundancy dismissal occurs if there is a:

  • complete closure of your employer’s business. The closure of all the Comet stores is a good example of where all employees were made redundant when the entire business was shut down as a result of difficult trading conditions.
  • closure of your place of work. For example, your employer has three branches and decides to close the branch where you work.
  • reduced requirement for employees to do work of a particular kind. An example is where your employer decides it needs to reduce the number of engineers from six to three.

Am I entitled to a statutory redundancy payment?

Yes, if you are an employee who has been continuously employed by the same employer for two or more years and been dismissed. In most cases if you resign from your employment you will not be entitled to a redundancy payment.

How is my statutory redundancy payment calculated?

A statutory redundancy payment is calculated based on your age, length of service and weekly pay. 

Am I entitled to an enhanced redundancy payment?

You will be entitled to an enhanced redundancy payment if your terms and conditions of employment provide for it.  Check your contract, employee handbook or other relevant policy.  It could also be implied into your contract by custom and practice. 

What other payments should I get if I am dismissed for redundancy?

In addition to any redundancy payment you have the right to payment for your notice period, accrued holiday pay and any outstanding expenses, bonus or commission payments.

When is a redundancy dismissal unfair?

A redundancy dismissal is likely to be unfair if:

  • redundancy was not the true reason for your dismissal or
  • if your employer did not follow a fair redundancy procedure before giving you notice of dismissal or terminating your employment.
For more details about what makes a fair redundancy dismissal please see Is your redundancy dismissal fair or unfair?

Will my redundancy payment be paid tax-free?

Yes, in most cases the first £30,000 should be payable to you free of all tax and national insurance deductions. For more details about the tax treatment of redundancy and compensation payments see The tax treatment of compensation payments.

My employer has offered me a settlement agreement in return for more money. Should I accept this offer?

It all depends. Your employer may well want to avoid the risk of ending up in the employment tribunal justifying the fairness of its redundancy dismissals. If you sign the settlement agreement this creates a legally binding agreement that prevents you from starting or continuing with any tribunal or court claim against your employer. Before signing you need to be independently and legally advised about the merits and value of the offer.

The employment law solicitors at Quantrills specialise in advising employee clients about the terms of their settlement agreements.

Full details about how we can help you with your settlement agreement is at Settlement Agreements.

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Right from my first meeting, Quantrills gave me the confidence to pursue my claim for unfair dismissal

Employee client thanking Tina Cotter about her work

I was given honest and realistic advice and everything was explained clearly. I felt extremely comfortable dealing with Tina through what was a challenging process. And the best part was that the Tribunal found in my favour. Thank you Quantrills.

I phoned Simon Quantrill who listened with a dispassionate ear and gave me the confidence that I had a real issue to resolve with my employer

Grateful employee client after settling her claim of unfair dismissal

I did not know what to do. Talking to my boss made me feel as if I was being unreasonable. I didn't know where to turn and did a search on the Internet for a specialist in employment law and found Quantrills. They turned out to be true professionals.

Julie Temple or one of her team were always at the end of the phone to answer questions, giving me unemotional advice

Thank you message about Julie Temple from employee client

My employer was a huge multi-national organisation who had the weight of departments of lawyers at their call. This was not a problem. Julie Temple drafted letters and emails for me to send that were better than I could have written and not only because they were in real 'legal speak' but because they got straight to the point and were unemotional. My claim was successful as I got my ex-employer to admit their behaviour was wrong which was my goal.

On my first appointment, I found that all of the staff, from the receptionist to the solicitor who was to advise me, were very friendly, re-assuring and kind, which put me at ease

Employee client acknowledging our personal service

After a lengthy discussion with the solicitor he told me he felt I had a good case to take my employer to court for constructive unfair dismissal, disability discrimination and a stress related personal injury claim. It was not an easy decision to make, since there were risks involved, but I felt that Quantrills would not encourage me to take legal action unless I had a good chance of winning my case. Once I had instructed Quantrills to act for me, I finally felt that I had a way to redress the injustice of my treatment by my employer and thus help myself to recover.