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We are proud of what our clients say about us.

To preserve our clients' confidentiality we have not included any personal details. All of the following testimonials are from some of our employee clients.

I would like to say a huge thank you for all your efforts

Employee client's thanks to us after winning her claim for unfair dismissal

You were patient and professional to the end, and I am very grateful to you.

I felt cared for and supported

Employee client thanking Carly Murphy for her support

It was a privilege to know you and throughout I have felt well cared for and supported. I admire your unflappableness at times of stress. Many, many thanks again for your support, long suffering listening ear and for your perseverance. I wish you all the very best for the future.

You were a joy to work with

A thank you message from employee client

A big thank you for making a daunting process possible and bringing my tribunal to a successful conclusion.

Right from my first meeting, Quantrills gave me the confidence to pursue my claim for unfair dismissal

Employee client thanking Tina Cotter about her work

I was given honest and realistic advice and everything was explained clearly. I felt extremely comfortable dealing with Tina through what was a challenging process. And the best part was that the Tribunal found in my favour. Thank you Quantrills.

I must firstly convey my thanks to you and all in your firm for your hard work

Simon Quantrill being thanked after employee client secures a six figure sum after winning his disability discrimination claim

It's a victory for common sense! Its been a long hard slog, without your hard work and hours put in the result could have been very different! Please pass on my thanks to counsel as well.

I phoned Simon Quantrill who listened with a dispassionate ear and gave me the confidence that I had a real issue to resolve with my employer

Grateful employee client after settling her claim of unfair dismissal

I did not know what to do. Talking to my boss made me feel as if I was being unreasonable. I didn't know where to turn and did a search on the Internet for a specialist in employment law and found Quantrills. They turned out to be true professionals.

Julie Temple or one of her team were always at the end of the phone to answer questions, giving me unemotional advice

Thank you message about Julie Temple from employee client

My employer was a huge multi-national organisation who had the weight of departments of lawyers at their call. This was not a problem. Julie Temple drafted letters and emails for me to send that were better than I could have written and not only because they were in real 'legal speak' but because they got straight to the point and were unemotional. My claim was successful as I got my ex-employer to admit their behaviour was wrong which was my goal.

Julie gave good advice about what steps to take at each stage of my tribunal claim

Employee client talking about how Julie Temple's tactical advice was highly valued

Julie and her team at Quantrills, even though the litigation was not always unstressful, made my case as easy as possible. When you are experiencing issues with your employer it is difficult to know what to do, if you are right or wrong, if you are over emotional or justified in your concerns. Quantrills gave me all the reassurance I needed to press on with my claim and to win.

My solicitor from Quantrills gave me good advice about what steps to take at each stage

Employee client commenting on our advice

I hope I never have a similar situation again, but if I did I would know that the professionals at Quantrills will listen to me, tell me if I have a case and then support me in getting a resolution.

I want to express my sincere thanks to you and Tina for your help and support in concluding my claim

Thank you note to Simon Quantrill from employee client after settling his unfair dismissal and discrimination claim

As you know my case followed a period of illness, has been extremely difficult for me but has only been bearable knowing that I had your support and expert guidance throughout.