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Everyday Employment Law & HR Advice

As a specialist firm of employment law solicitors we concentrate on providing our employer clients with bespoke, reliable and trusted advice on all types of employment law and HR problems. You can ask us to help your organisation deal with all everyday issues from the routine to the difficult, complex or high value ones.

Support for your everyday problems from specialist employment law solicitors

Our advice and guidance is only given by experienced employment law solicitors. This ensures you receive the best possible and legally correct solutions to your problems and issues.

Practical robust HR and employment law advice that works for you

You will like our robust and sensible advice that will reflect your way of doing things. This is why we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. Nor do we have stock answers or give out scripted risk adverse advice. In this way our advice will let you “get on and do” and help you achieve your business goals more easily without unnecessary complications or delays.

Help when you ask us

You can ask us to help as often or as little as you judge appropriate.
If you need to discuss any issue we will always be happy to hear from you.
We can help you put our advice into practice by confirming by email what you need to do. You can ask us to draft any letter or document or we can check your’s.

Our checklists, meeting scripts and guidance notes can ensure you and your managers know what to do and how.

hrlegal helpdesk

This is our optional subscription based telephone and email advice and guidance service that will save you money and at the same time give your managers the knowledge, confidence and back-up so that they can deal fairly and correctly with your employees and resolve problems quickly and successfully.

For more details see hrlegal helpdesk

Questions and answers

What employment and HR areas do you advise on?

Our employment law solicitors get involved in the widest range of everyday issues and problems including:

  • disciplinary and misconduct cases
  • poor work performance
  • sickness and unauthorised absence
  • employee grievances
  • maternity
  • TUPE
  • recruitment and resignations
  • working-time
  • redundancies
  • terms and conditions of employment
  • health and safety
  • whistle-blowing
  • date protection

Who gives the advice?

You can read about our team of employment law solicitors at Meet the Team.

What type of clients do you already act for?

Our existing clients range from long established owner-managed businesses to large corporate clients and public sector employers. They all recognise the benefit of our truly personal approach to helping them solve their employment law and HR problems.

Can you help me and my colleagues keep up to date with employment law?

Yes. You can subscribe to our free email based hrlegal news and receive from us regular updates on the important employment law and HR developments.

“always concise, practical and helpful”

“it’s one of the best newsletters”

“Quantrills distils the key points so that they are easily understandable and relevant”

“highly informative”        


“short and punchy and very relevant”

Subscribing is easy from here.

Do you deliver in-house training?

Yes and all without PowerPoint!

Our bespoke training provides delegates with good, topical and practical information and advice. We use a combination of presentations, group case studies and videos to get our message across.

Feedback confirms we have the right approach:

“excellent presentation, very well explained”

“engaging and thought provoking”

“snappy and easy to follow notes”

“very clear and concise”

“straight to the point, punchy and informative”

“very useful for HR professionals”

Who should we contact at Quantrills to discuss our requirements?

Please email Simon Quantrill or phone him on 01473 688100. He will be delighted to hear from you and discuss how Quantrills can help your organisation.

Find out how we can help you

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Reasons to choose Quantrills

Trusted partner-led expertise
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complex or high value cases

Available for you
When you need our help

Robust, sensible,
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Bespoked to your way
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Always affordable.
Our flexible fee options provide
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