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Employment Law and HR Training

Individual training written especially for your people managers

Are your managers happy to take action and hold difficult conversations, or do they tend to shy away from confrontation? Do your managers recognise the tell-tale signs of a situation that could escalate into a serious HR issue? Can your managers confidently walk the tight-rope between firm leadership and at the same time retain the respect and loyalty of their staff?

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Improve the effectiveness of your managers with training

All these skills are essential for your people managers to master, if your business results and employee performance aren’t going to suffer and if you are to avoid potentially time consuming and costly disputes. That’s why it’s vitally important that your managers have the training they need to:

  • keep abreast of the constantly changing employment law, so they don’t make mistakes

  • learn how to use HR best practice to achieve business goals

  • quickly and with confidence resolve HR issues and problems.

hrlegal training

Our hrlegal training programmes deliver tailor made courses designed to cover what’s important and relevant for your organisation and your people managers.

Using a combination of talks, detailed how to training notes, checklists, best practice guides, case studies, Q&A sessions and videos your delegates won’t suffer death by PowerPoint and we also promise no law lectures! This makes our training really useful and time well spent for your busy people managers.

Practical guidance and answers

Each course focuses on providing practical guidance and answers to your organisation’s specific needs, for example:

  • How to handle disciplinary investigations professionally, and without risk to your business

  • Effective handling of employee grievances to ensure appropriate outcomes

  • Discrimination awareness for managers

  • Managing and minimising sickness absence, including early intervention and effective return to work plans

  • Data Protection compliance to protect your staff and your business, including procedures for consent, data storage, and safe disposal of records

  • Latest updates on employment law and HR best practice to ensure your managers act correctly and make the best decisions for your business.

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hrlegal news

You and your managers can read about the latest employment law and HR developments in our email based hrlegal news. This helps them keep up to date without too much effort. It’s free and easy to subscribe to from here.

Questions and answers

How much does your hrlegal training cost?

This depends on the type and duration of the training you ask us to provide. Once we have discussed your requirements we will provide you with a written fixed-cost proposal.

Is there a limit on numbers who can attend your hrlegal training sessions?

Not really; we will discuss and agree with you the limit on numbers. This will depend on a number of factors such as the venue, course content and your preference about the style of training to be provided.

Where can you carry out your hrlegal training?

Training can be delivered at your premises or in our training room at Wherstead, Ipswich or at any other convenient location.

Who delivers your hrlegal training?

All our training is provided by one or more of our employment law solicitors, so you can be sure the legal content is bang up to date. That said, the emphasis with our training is on practical ‘how to’ guidance rather than just ‘this is the law’; so your managers can make real use of what they have learnt in their day jobs.

Who should I contact to discuss our training requirements?

Please email Julie Temple or call her on 01473 688100 for an informal discussion of the key HR issues and skills gaps you believe are holding back your organisation and how we can help improve your managers’ confidence and effectiveness.

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