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Employment Tribunal Litigation

When it comes to defending your business in the employment tribunal you need to be certain your case is handled by employment law solicitors who know what they are doing and get results. At Quantrills we specialise in conducting employment tribunal litigation for employers. We can provide you with an outstanding, reassuring and value for money service designed to robustly but sensibly dispute the merits of any claim made against your organisation.

Helping you to make informed decisions

From the outset, and as your case develops, we will assess the merits of your defence and discuss with you your options and our recommended tactics. We will advise you about any litigation risks and your estimated legal costs so that an agreed case plan can be followed. This approach allows you to make informed decisions at each stage about how you want to react to the claim being made against your business.

Negotiated terms of settlement

Management time is lost and legal costs incurred if a case proceeds to a full tribunal hearing. There can also be uncertainty about what the outcome will be however strong your defence may be. If your preferred approach is to reach negotiated terms of settlement we can help. We are skilful and experienced negotiators.

Robust case preparation

If you elect to fight an employment tribunal claim you need to make sure the preparation of your defence is first-class. A poorly or late prepared case can easily harm your prospects of defending successfully the claim against you. This is why our tribunal cases are carefully prepared and organised by our employment law solicitors in good time before any hearing, to avoid last minute panics and unexpected problems.

Our approach ensures your defence is robustly and persuasively argued and presented to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Tribunal advocacy

You can be assured that if your case proceeds to a tribunal hearing it will be argued by a specialist and experienced advocate so that nothing will be left to chance or over looked.

At Quantrills we are practised and regular advocates in the employment tribunals. We also use barristers from leading employment law chambers to represent our clients, especially for the complex or high value cases we deal with.

hrlegal tribunal

This is our systematic approach to handling employment tribunal cases for employers. You can ask us to defend all types of claims including unfair dismissal, discrimination and harassment cases, TUPE, breach of contract and wrongful deductions from pay disputes.

Our hrlegal tribunal service makes sure nothing is missed to maximise the best possible outcome for you and to help keep your legal costs under control.

Appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal

Thankfully very few of our cases end up in the Employment Appeal Tribunal but we do handle all aspects of appeals including representation.

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