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Managing Redundancies

Implementing redundancies is seldom a welcome task for any business or organisation. At the same time, however, business objectives have to be achieved and working out how best to proceed can be tricky. To avoid claims of unfair dismissal or discrimination employers need to follow the correct HR procedures and apply them objectively and fairly.

How Quantrills can help you

The employment law solicitors from Quantrills can help you decide what to do and when. Using our considerable experience we can recommend the right strategic approach and ensure your organisation’s full compliance with HR best practice and employment law.

Most employers have varying requirements for employment law and HR advice. This is why we don’t rely on stock answers or scripted advice which could limit or restrict what you can do. Our advice is bespoke to you and will reflect your way of doing things and attitude towards risk.

Whatever level of support you ask for one of our employment law solicitors can advise you every step of the way; from answering one-off general queries to helping you design and carry out a large scale redundancy scheme.

Step-by-step procedures

We can prepare step-by-step procedures for you to follow, draft bespoke letters and supporting documentation, including compromise agreements, to make sure your dismissals for redundancy proceed as smoothly as possible, on time and with the minimum of unforeseen problems.

Customised HR training

For your managers we can deliver customised HR training so that they feel confident and well-prepared for any eventuality as they work through the reorganisation.

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