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Starting a new business is time consuming, money is usually tight and so the priority is to get up and running quickly and start generating revenue. It’s easy therefore to put off dealing with the employee-related arrangements.  The prudent entrepreneur knows the importance of putting in place appropriate contracts of employment and a ‘fit for purpose’ HR system in order to protect the business from unwanted employment law issues or disputes.

However, finding the right advice and documentation at an affordable price and with minimal effort can be difficult. At Quantrills our employment law solicitors provide business start ups with fixed price solutions which are designed specifically for your business and which will grow as your business grows.

“I’m too busy and it will be too expensive”

“How do I know what I really need?”

“For what I need, surely I can buy off-the-shelf?”

“How do I protect my customer base?”

“How can you help me?”

We will not provide “off-the-shelf” stock answers or generic documentation. In our experience this approach will not provide your business with the legal protection or HR flexibility it will need. Our suggestions will be bespoke for your business and will be legally compliant, pragmatic and cost-effective.

We like to make it our business to learn all about yours, including your plans for the future. We will explain all your options and recommend how best to set up your HR and employment law arrangements so they work effectively right from the start.

Our business start up work includes:

  • Advising on employee status

  • Provision of bespoke contracts of employment and employment policies

  • HR management advice, documentation including forms and record-keeping system

  • Day-to-day advice and guidance

  • Advising on how to recruit new employees

  • Defending breach of restrictive covenant claim brought by an ex-employer

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