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As an HR professional typically you will be a busy HR director or HR manager working for a medium to large sized employer. Invariably you will be CIPD qualified, have considerable experience and confidence. You know what you are doing and seldom need help with familiar day-to-day matters but when you have an unusual, difficult or high value issue or dispute to handle you can ask us to help:

“We are confident . . . but would like a second opinion”

“We just don’t know what to do for the best”

“It’s urgent . . . can you advise us this morning?”

For HR professionals, our work often involves reviewing the merits and options of a specific case so we can suggest a recommended approach or strategy. Sometimes we are asked to give a second opinion or to confirm there are no hidden dangers with a proposed project or initiative.

We provide trusted reassurance

We work in partnership with our HR professional clients providing our specialist knowledge and expertise to help solve problems and give trusted reassurance about what is the best way forward.

The employment law solicitors at Quantrills are good at pitching their advice at the right level, always taking into account your knowledge and experience, and reflecting your organisation’s way of doing things. In this way you can be happy that our advice fits in with your procedures and management style.

How we help HR professionals

Frequently we are asked to help ‘fast-track’ a preferred result. Often this type of work involves advising on how an employee can be dismissed on agreed terms; this is an example of where clients benefit from our extensive experience and strong negotiating skills to help obtain the right outcome.

Our work for HR professionals is wide and varied and includes:

  • handling severance negotiations, especially those involving senior managers or directors

  • conducting all types of employment tribunal litigation cases

  • negotiating and drafting complex settlement agreements including severance terms for bonus payments, share options, restrictive covenants, references and protection of confidential information

  • managing long-term ill health absences, including disability discrimination issues

  • enforcing restrictive covenants in the High Court

  • advising on employee under-performance cases

  • a myriad of TUPE compliance issues and problems

  • compliance issues under the National Minimum Wage and Working Time Regulations

  • drafting revised or new contracts of employment and HR policies and procedures

  • guiding disciplinary investigations, including serious fraud allegations

  • advising on how to implement a collective redundancy scheme across multiple sites

  • giving in-house training for people managers, including on handling grievances and disciplinary investigations

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