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Owner Managers

As an owner manager it’s easy to get caught out. You’re busy focusing on trying to grow your business and need to keep your customers happy too. But sometimes, even with all your hard work and the best of intentions, an employee related problem can crop up, often when you least expect it. If this happens, Quantrills can provide you with the right level of advice and guidance whatever the problem.

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Working with owner managers is an important part of our client work and we enjoy helping them meet and overcome the particular challenges they face.

At least for some of your time you may need to act as HR manager. It is a responsibility which can cause more uncertainty and angst than most other aspects of running your own business. This is not surprising when employment law demands on businesses remain significant, regardless of the number of employees you have.

 “I’m too busy, can you help?

“I need to do this but don’t know how”

“I would like to understand my options”

“What is the law on this issue?”

“I have received a Tribunal Claim Form – did I really unfairly dismiss?”

Of course, prevention is the always the best approach.  Our hrlegal audit service can help you to identify and put in place all the relevant HR and employment policies, systems and procedures so you will be much less exposed or unprepared. 

We’re proud to be a little different from other solicitors. We prefer jargon-free plain speaking. We will not shirk from telling you what you may not want to hear – if your staff-related plans or ideas are unrealistic – we will tell you. We are also skilled at helping owner managers escape from their mistakes. There is little that we have not seen or handled!

Our advice work for owner managers covers everything you will need including:

  • handling employee grievances
  • managing poor work performance
  • setting up a HR system
  • implementing redundancies
  • dismissing for gross misconduct
  • negotiating a settlement of an unfair dismissal case
  • contracts of employment
  • employee handbook
  • advising on the status of workers
  • sickness absence cases
  • protecting confidential information
  • successfully defending employment tribunal claim

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