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Senior Managers and Directors

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A typical senior manager is a director of the business or a head of department with responsibility for operations or finance and who also has to get involved in HR decisions.

“He’s a problem – how can we quickly remove him and at what cost?”

 “It’s confidential, but we need to discuss our options for redundancies”

“We want to conclude things with a compromise agreement – what terms should we offer?”

 “Will TUPE apply to this purchase?”

When we get the call to help its often to discuss and advise on a specific project or problem which the manager has to solve. Frequently the issue is urgent, confidential and involves helping the manager to work out the best strategy and timetable to follow.

We often have to prepare a written advice note with recommendations.

We may be asked to attend a board meeting to debate alternative options.

We then regularly provide day-to-day advice and support throughout the duration of the project or problem.

Our role is to give the director or manager the confidence and reassurance that the preferred solution will work and get the job done – successfully, on time and on budget.

Examples of our advice work for senior managers include:

  • how to introduce new terms and conditions of employment to existing employees

  • advising on the disciplinary investigation about serious misconduct allegations

  • recommending how best to persuade an existing director to leave on agreed terms

  • employment law issues arising from the planned relocation of a head office

  • options on a business-wide reorganisation

  • explaining best practice procedure for a collective redundancy scheme

  • drafting directors’ service agreements and related bonus scheme

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