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Quantrills Christmas party checklist

Posted on 27th November 2011

Don't be a party pooper ... Your checklist to beat the Christmas party blues

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  • Prepare and organise the event. Don't leave the planning unchecked. Involve someone from HR
  • Consider all possible sensitivities and areas where offence may be caused
  • Prepare and communicate a workplace event policy ensuring it is consistent with other policies already in place
  • Remind employees of other policies which might apply, for example a drugs or alcohol policy, equal opportunities policy, any disciplinary rules and procedure and absence policy
  • Remind employees of the possible consequences of acting in breach of expected standards
  • Advise employees of expectations for attendance at work and ability to work following the event or the following day
  • Remind managers that they should not discuss promotions or salaries or anything similar at the event
  • Appoint a responsible manager to monitor, supervise and take appropriate action during the festivities
  • Ensure that managers know what action they can and should take in various circumstances
  • If gifts are to be given, make sure that there are guidelines on what is and is not acceptable. Avoid anything that is, for example, potentially sexist or ageist or which could generally offend the recipient or others
  • Ensure that decorations are inoffensive and unlikely to encourage certain behaviour. For example do not put up mistletoe!
  • If held at the workplace consider locking offices that might be used for inappropriate behaviour of whatever kind
  • Take action as soon as things appear to be getting out of hand
  • Limit the amount of free alcohol that is available
  • If disciplinary action or grievances prove necessary ensure that the matter is properly investigated and sanctions imposed are consistent
  • Consider and announce when the event will end
  • Consider how employees will get home safely (particularly if someone has been asked to leave and they under the influence)

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