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Legislation changes after April

To keep people managers on their toes not all changes in employment law take place in April and October. This article rounds up the changes taking place in the next few months that you need to be aware of.

Posted 24th April 2014

A ‘conscious decision’ is needed for there to be a detriment in whistle-blowing cases

In this case the Employment Appeal Tribunal (‘EAT’) had to decide whether an employee had suffered a detriment and been unfairly dismissed because she was a whistle-blower.

Posted 4th April 2014

Tribunal fees to be lowered?

The Government has indicated that the fees for employment tribunal proceedings may be lowered.

Posted 2nd April 2014

Enhanced redundancy payments can become an implied contractual right over time

Between 1971 and 2006, Peacocks paid redundancy payments without applying statutory caps. In this case this practice was found to have become an implied contractual term.

Posted 27th March 2014

How do you calculate a protective award?

The EAT has confirmed that the maximum protective award is 90 days (or 13 weeks) is only the starting point for calculating an award where there has been no consultation at all. Beyond that ‘the length of the protective award is a matter for the tribunal’ who has a ‘wide discretion to what is just and equitable’.

Posted 26th March 2014

When can an employee use covert recordings?

If the subject matter of the recordings is not a discussion of the issues in the disciplinary or grievance.

Posted 26th March 2014

Is a mother to be, under a surrogacy arrangement, entitled to paid maternity leave?

No concludes the Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJEC) in two cases. They were also not discriminated against on grounds of sex, pregnancy or maternity leave.

Posted 26th March 2014

Working at Height | Revised Guidance

The Health and Safety Executive has recently published revised guidance for working at height. The revised guidance sets out in clear, simple terms what to do and what not to do but does not make any changes to the Work at Height Regulations 2005 themselves.

Posted 25th March 2014

Capability dismissal based on absences for post-natal depression was not discriminatory

This EAT case has clarified when an employer can take into account an employee’s absences that are for a pregnancy related reason.

Posted 19th March 2014

National minimum wage rates from 1 October 2014

The national minimum wage rates from 1 October 2014 have been announced.

Posted 14th March 2014

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