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Employee Sickness and Ill Health Cases

Are you unhappy about the risk of being dismissed because you are unwell? Are you worried your employer’s approach towards you is unfair or discriminatory?

The employment law solicitors at Quantrills can help look after your best interests and provide you with all the support and help you require, especially if you are concerned about the fairness of your pending or actual ill health related dismissal.

Looking after your best interests – for you and us, it’s personal

Understanding your employment law rights when you are unwell

If your employer is currently managing your absence from work we can advise you about the fairness of how this is being done.

You can ask us to help you prepare and make appropriate representations to your employer to ensure your best interests are looked after. This is especially important because if your health or sickness absence prevents you from carrying out your job this is a potentially fair reason for your dismissal. Your employer must, however, follow a fair and objective procedure before deciding to dismiss you.

We can advise you about your employment law rights and whether you have a valid claim for unfair dismissal, disability discrimination or breach of contract.

Who do we help?

Using our extensive experience we routinely provide advice to all types and levels of employees who live and work throughout the UK who are facing problems at work because of sickness or ill health.

We help clients from both the private and public sectors. We also have particular experience of acting for clients with mental health problems including depression, Asperger’s and work related stress and anxiety.

How can we help you?

We can help respond to your employer’s request for information or challenge the medical evidence or assumptions being made about you. We will explain your legal position and your options on how to proceed.

Additionally, we can advise on the reasonableness of any offer of settlement your employer may make to you to leave your employment on agreed terms. Above all we can be your support and professional friend, here when you need reassurance, reliable guidance and a voice to speak up for you.

Negotiating for you

We can help you explore a negotiated settlement with your employer and seek the best possible severance terms. We can guide you on how to conduct your own settlement negotiations or you can ask us to deal direct with your employer. This is often the best way to minimise any stress and anxiety. Either way, we can make sure you obtain the best possible terms of settlement.

Our sickness and ill health related advice can include:

Advising you about the merits of your case

We will tell you if your employer’s approach is open to criticism and we can help you challenge what your employer is doing. Equally, we will tell you if your employer is acting properly.

Explaining your options

Knowing where you stand, understanding your options and being happy you are taking appropriate steps to look after your best interests will invariably help you feel better and less anxious.

Pension and ill health early retirement issues

Often our advice includes looking at pension related options and valuations. These vary especially for public sector employees such as teachers, civil servants and NHS workers. We regularly advise on the merits of and how to seek an early retirement enhanced pension.

Disability discrimination

For many disabled clients we help them seek reasonable adjustments to their working arrangements so that they can return or stay at work.

Permanent Health Insurance or Income Protection Payments

If your employer has offered you a lump sum payment in return for giving up benefits being paid to you under its ill-health permanent health insurance or income protection policy, we can advise you on the reasonableness of the offer and if appropriate negotiate an increase for you.


Our advice will include how best to reduce any tax liabilities on any agreed compensation payment.

Simon Quantrill | Managing Partner

Making sure you get the right advice

- for you and us, it's personal.

Simon Quantrill, Principal Solicitor

Contact me on

01473 688 100

Making sure you get the right advice

- for you and us, it's personal.

Simon Quantrill, Principal Solicitor

Contact me on

01473 688 100

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