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Employee Long-Term Sickness Absences

We specialise in helping employers meet the challenge of handling complex or difficult employee absence cases.

When you have an employee on long-term sickness absence it can be a challenge for your business to balance HR best practice with doing what’s right to manage the consequences of the absence for your business. This is especially so if the employee’s absence is causing problems that need to be fixed. If you fail to take the right steps or obtain the right medical information you could easily end up with an employment tribunal claim which could prove time consuming and expensive in time and costs to resolve.

How can using Quantrills help you?

By instructing Simon Quantrill or Julie Temple you can benefit from their years’ of experience of guiding employers on how to manage complex and difficult absence cases. They can share their tried and tested tactics and procedures that will be tailored to reflect your management style.

Our advice starts with a discussion because we need to understand the case history and your objectives. This helps us decide what will be the right approach or steps for you to take. Our advice will reflect what you want to achieve. We don’t reply on scripted or checklist based advice that could limit your options and delay concluding a case.

We understand that each long-term absence case brings its unique history and problems. For many employers they are sympathetic and are willing and able to be patient and give the employee time to recover – but on other occasions it can be hard to live with the consequences of the absence or the medical information is unclear or ambiguous. If you have reached the stage of asking, “What do we do?”, this is the time to call Quantrills.

Professional and realistic advice to help you take the right HR steps

Our advice will make sure you are following your organisation’s HR policies and procedures combined with HR best practice and  will be designed to reflect what you want to achieve. You can ask us to provide you with a second opinion, guide you from start to finish or get us to advise on a discrete issue or problem.

Advice on options or a second opinion

No two cases are the same – let us explain your realistic options and any associated risks on how to proceed.

Settlement Agreements

For many business reasons, terminating the absent employee’s employment is the best solution for the employer (and invariably can also be for the employee). However, make the offer of settlement at the wrong time or in the wrong way and you can just make matters worse, including ending up with an employment tribunal case.

At Quantrills, we will use our experience to guide through the when, how and what of making an offer of settlement so that you stand the best chance of your offer being accepted with the minimum of conflict.

How to dismiss for ill-health

If and when you have to dismiss the absent employee, we can make sure you don’t overlook all the necessary steps to make the dismissal as challenge proof as possible.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Drafting bespoke letters and documents


Train your managers

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Managing redundancies your way

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Managing redundancies your way

Call me to find out about our bespoke advice

Simon Quantrill, Principal Solicitor

Contact me on

01473 688 100