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How to Keep Your Legal Fees Under Control

We will do everything we can to keep your legal fees as low as possible. You can also help reduce your legal fees by doing some of the case preparation work yourself, with our help and support.

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You must get and keep yourself organised

Everything will run more smoothly and efficiently if you are organised and know where everything is. This means you will be able to give us your instructions in an efficient and logical way.

In any event cases that are well prepared and organised stand a higher chance of being successfully concluded so it makes sense to help with this task.

The more you can do to help with the organisation and administration of your case the less we will have to do. This will mean lower legal fees for you. It also means we can spend our time concentrating on the legal aspects of your case.

Here are our 12 suggestions to help you get and keep yourself organised:

1 Organise your Case Bundle

Your Case Bundle contains relevant case papers, including emails, letters and documents. If you put one together we won’t have to!  It will also help you when you instruct us about your case:

  • Find and review the relevant case correspondence and documents
  • File them in date order with the oldest document on top, so that the contents read like a book.
  • Do not write on any of your original case documents; keep them clean and comment free! Always write on a copy - never the original.
  • Make sure you search your computer for all relevant emails to you and sent by you; it’s amazing how many emails are sent and get forgotten but later prove to be relevant.
  • Create an index of your case documents.
  • Keep a copy of your case documents, particularly if you have a home scanner.  This creates a useful back-up or copy of your case documents.
What is a relevant document depends on the details of your case. To help make sure your Case Bundle contains what is required click here for our Document Checklist.

Once completed, your Case Bundle can be given to us as part of your initial instructions to us. This will help us locate relevant case documents quickly.

2 Keep a separate Case File

As your case progresses it pays to keep a separate Case File of all correspondence and documents so you (or us) can quickly find what you are looking for.

Your file would include correspondence sent between us and you and your employer.

3 Prepare a chronology of your key events

If you prepare a chronology of key events it can be a real time (and cost) saver when you instruct us about your case. It helps make sure your instructions accurately tell us what happened and when.

A chronology is simply a list or table of important events in date order. Your chronology should include relevant meetings, telephone calls, emails, letters and documents.

An example chronology is here.

A blank chronology template for you to fill in is here.

4 Give us accurate instructions

Take care to tell us about your case and your instructions. Time and legal fees can be wasted if your instructions are not accurate. This is why spending your time putting together your Case Bundle and chronology is time well spent.

5 Use our online forms

You can save time and make sure you give us the right information we need to advise you about your case by using our online forms. They are easy to use and you can save them at any point to return to them later.  Once completed you can email the form to us and print out a copy for future reference.

You can use our online Settlement Agreement Form to give us details about any compromise or settlement agreement your employer wants you to sign.

Our online Instruct Form can be used for any other type of employment law problem you would like us to help you with.

6 Agree a cost budget with us for each next step

We will always discuss our fees with you and work to agreed cost budgets. Make sure you agree with what we are going to do for the agreed budget.

7 DIY drafting

If your case requires a witness statement, or perhaps a letter or other document, you may save legal costs by preparing a first draft. This isn’t always the most cost effective way to proceed.  We will be happy to discuss with you what you will need to include in your draft and how to go about preparing it.

8 Book a meeting or telephone consultation with us

Each time you speak to your solicitor about your case you are generally charged for the call. It is more cost effective if you keep a list of comments or questions which can then be discussed during a single meeting or telephone consultation. It can be helpful to send your list to us in advance of the meeting or call. This list can then be used as a checklist to help us make sure we discuss everything with you.

9 Take time to read our advice emails and letters

When reading our advice emails or letters take time to digest what we are saying; don’t be too quick to pick up the phone or fire off an email with your immediate comment or question. Make a list of all your comments or questions so we can deal with them when we next talk or write to you. This will avoid the need to have several phone calls or reply to several emails when one would have done the trick. 

10 Be clear about your objectives

As your case develops it is important you know what you want to achieve. We will discuss this when you first instruct us. Your objectives may change over time. If they do you must let us know as this may have a bearing on how much work we need to do for you and therefore how much your legal fees will be.

11 Keep us up to date with developments

Don’t keep us in the dark! Tell us about any developments with your case or changes to your instructions. This makes sure we take into account all relevant issues throughout your case and don’t make false assumptions which impact upon your legal costs.

12 Tell us if you are unhappy or unsure

Never be slow to tell us if you are unhappy or unsure about any aspect of your case or the work we are doing for you. Don’t let a concern fester; we will do our best to resolve any problem or uncertainty.

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Before you call or meet with us it will help us better understand the background facts and your concerns if you:

  • find your contract of employment or service agreement
  • collect together any other relevant correspondence, emails and documents
  • prepare a short chronology or list of key events
  • use one of our online forms to tell us about your problem.

Our online forms are the easy and convenient way to tell us about your case. Our ‘save as you go’ feature lets you complete your answers in your own time.

Reasons to choose Quantrills

Expert help from solicitors Your case will be personally handled by a qualified employment law solicitor with years of experience who will make sure you get the best possible outcome.

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  • same day response
  • highest quality legal advice and representation
  • value for money and competitive fee options with no hidden costs


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Employee client thanking Carly Murphy for her support

It was a privilege to know you and throughout I have felt well cared for and supported. I admire your unflappableness at times of stress. Many, many thanks again for your support, long suffering listening ear and for your perseverance. I wish you all the very best for the future.

Right from my first meeting, Quantrills gave me the confidence to pursue my claim for unfair dismissal

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I was given honest and realistic advice and everything was explained clearly. I felt extremely comfortable dealing with Tina through what was a challenging process. And the best part was that the Tribunal found in my favour. Thank you Quantrills.

My solicitor from Quantrills gave me good advice about what steps to take at each stage

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I hope I never have a similar situation again, but if I did I would know that the professionals at Quantrills will listen to me, tell me if I have a case and then support me in getting a resolution.

At all times, I felt that I was given clear information and instructions from Quantrills as my case progressed, both in what the legal costs would be and what steps would be taken

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I was helped and guided to make my own decisions about my case, and I always felt that I was given all of the facts to help me make those decisions. I was given very detailed information about what was happening and was reassured at all times that everything was being done to minimise the financial risk to me and also to keep Quantrills’s charges as low as possible.