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At Quantrills our settlement agreement solicitors give independent legal advice and make sure the terms of your settlement agreement are the best possible, and that it’s completed on time, at the agreed cost, with the minimum of fuss.

What is a settlement agreement?

Employers sometimes refer to settlement agreements as compromise agreements, severance agreements or termination agreements. Whatever the agreement is called it creates a written and legally binding contract between an employer and employee that settles or compromises all actual or potential claims arising from an employee's employment or its termination.

How we will help you with your settlement agreement

Quantrills solicitors are specialist employment law solicitors. We routinely advise and negotiate settlement agreements ranging from straightforward to the complex and high-value. Our approach is thorough, efficient and successful. We don't waste time on non-points and we don’t overlook what's important.

Our experienced settlement agreement advice will include:

  • Discussing with you the settlement agreement terms and any issues or concerns you have
  • Reviewing the background to the settlement and advising you on your entitlements and whether the terms of the agreement are fair
  • Giving you our expert advice on your options, including any alternatives to entering into a settlement agreement
  • Agreeing with you how to respond to your employer or their solicitors to get you the best possible agreement.

Can Quantrills help you with your settlement agreement?

Yes. Our employment law solicitors advise on settlement agreements for all job types, levels and grades of employees who live and work in the UK, including managers, executives, directors, teachers, doctors and other professionals. If you live locally we can meet with you at a time convenient to you. If you are not local we can provide our expert settlement agreement advice to you by phone and email.

Questions and answers

Why have I been offered a settlement agreement?

Employers offer settlement agreements for three main reasons. Your employer may:

1.  Want to move you out of the business and it has no reason to fairly dismiss you or wants to shortcut a procedure it would have to follow. Your performance could be below expectation or your skills no longer fit. Offering a settlement agreement ends your employment without risking you bringing employment claims.

2.  Think you have valid employment claims against it and want to stop you bringing them or settle existing employment tribunal claims. For your employer it makes commercial sense to settle your employment claim  and avoid the time, legal and management costs (and possible bad publicity).

3.  Be confident it has followed best HR practice but just want the certainty that you will not bring an employment claim against it.

What are the benefits of a settlement agreement?

Settlement agreements (formerly compromise agreements ) are very common. Employees signing a settlement agreement compromise or settle any employment tribunal claim or court claim they could bring against an employer. Employment claims range from wrongful dismissal and breach of contract to unfair dismissal and discrimination. Reaching an agreement provides certainty and avoids the time, stress and legal costs of bringing an employment claim or defending one.

How do I know if my employer’s compensation offer is a good one?

Instruct the settlement agreement solicitors at Quantrills. We will assess the compensation offer, what you are or could be entitled to and give you our settlement agreement advice. We will make sure the compensation offer is financially good and the other settlement agreement terms are fair.

Why do I have to see a solicitor before signing?

For a settlement agreement to be effective the employee must obtain independent legal advice. This is the case even if you are entirely happy with the settlement agreement terms. After all you are settling employment claims against your employer and the law requires that you understand the terms and effect of the agreement. If you instruct one of our settlement agreement solicitors we will also make sure the settlement agreement terms are fair.

As an alternative you can get independent legal advice from a suitably certified trade union official. 

How long will it take to complete my settlement agreement?

Quantrills specialist employment law solicitors can proceed as quickly as you need us to. We have completed settlement agreements within two hours of being contacted but normally you can expect to sign an agreement within one to two weeks.

Who pays my legal fees and how much will they be?

Most employers contribute to or pay your legal fees, but they are not required to. You will be responsible for the legal costs incurred if your employer is not contributing but we will agree our charges with you when you instruct us.

How much your legal fees will be depends on what we need to do for you. It will depend on whether you simply wish to sign the settlement agreement or if we need to negotiate the settlement agreement terms for you (including asking your employer to contribute to your legal costs). You can be sure we will not waste fees on non-points but we will ensure the settlement agreement terms protect your best interests.

To find out more about settlement agreements see our Checklist for Negotiating Settlement Agreements.

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