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Employment & HR documentation

As an employer your employment contracts, HR policies and procedures need to be well written so that your employees and managers understand what is expected of them by you. At the same time, your documentation must also be legally correct, reflect HR best practice, and protect your organisation’s confidential information and customer connections.

At Quantrills we specialise in providing bespoke employment contracts, director service agreements, employee handbooks and HR policies and procedures that protect your business without creating unnecessary red tape or bureaucracy.

hrlegal documents

Our legal and HR expertise is blended into our fixed-cost hrlegal documents solution allowing your organisation to benefit from having up to date, carefully drafted contracts of employment and tailored HR policies and procedures, all written to suit the size and type of your business.

Our pragmatic approach allows you to strike the right balance between protecting your organisation’s interests and being flexible and fair to your employees. Adopting HR best practice means you will reduce your organisation’s exposure to the risks of non-compliance with the myriad pieces of employment law.

Why do you need our hrlegal documents solution?

If you employ permanent, part-time, temporary or casual staff you can’t safely rely on inherited or haphazard employment contracts, policies and procedures to protect your business.

Equally you can’t sensibly put your faith in badly drafted documentation that may well have evolved over such a long period of time your current versions are confused, inconsistent and are far from being legally correct.

Our hrlegal documents solution is for employers who know it’s important to use the right employment documents including those who have put off reviewing and updating current versions because it’s a time consuming and expensive exercise with the fear that the results can be uncertain.

Our Quality bench marks

Our specialist employment law solicitors will provide your business with bespoke employment documents that will take account of your unique business needs and way of doing things without making them unmanageable or intimidating for both your managers and staff.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed because we ensure every employment and HR document we draft passes our quality bench mark tests of:

Plain English

Your documents’ content will be clear and concise, making sure your employees won’t struggle to understand their obligations and benefits.

Legally correct

As our employment documentation is drafted by specialist employment law solicitors you can trust your documentation will be legally compliant and reflects HR best practice.

Fit for purpose  

We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach so each document we prepare for you will reflect your way of doing things when it comes to people management. Specific clauses will strike the right balance between protecting your interests and being flexible and fair.

Relevant content

You won’t be burdened with a raft of unnecessary HR policies or procedures or with impractical contracts of employment, so you can be sure your new documentation will meet your business and HR needs. 

Questions and answers

What kinds of documents can you provide?

You can ask us to provide you with any type of employment or HR document for full-time, part-time, temporary or casual employees or workers including:

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Director’s Service Agreements
  • Written Statements
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Individual HR policies and procedures
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Restrictive Covenant Agreements
  • Bonus and commission schemes
  • Appraisal schemes
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Sub-contractor Agreements
  • Commercial Agent Agreements
  • Agency Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Redundancy selection matrixes

How much do you charge?

In most cases we will offer you a fixed-fee proposal. This will be based on the type and number of documents you need.

Do you provide a review service for our existing employment documentation?

Yes. You can ask us to review your existing documents. For more details please see our hrlegal audit service.

How will you provide the documents to me?

All our documentation will be provided to you in Microsoft Word format electronically or on a CD Rom. You will then have a licence from us to use the documents without limitation for your organisation’s internal use.

I just want a new contract of employment. Can you provide one?

Yes. You can ask us to provide you with a single contract or document or a complete suite of employment and HR documents.

Do you provide an updating service?

Yes. At least annually you can ask us to review any document we have provided to you and review it to make sure it is still legally correct. This review service is free of charge. If during the first 2 years a document requires updating because of a change in the law we will also provide you with a revised version free of charge.

What types of employers have you provided contracts of employment for?

All types from the owner-managed business to large corporations, PLCs and public sector employers in health and education.

Who should I contact at Quantrills to discuss my requirements?

Simon Quantrill takes the lead on our hrlegal documents service. He will be pleased to discuss your requirements and to provide you with a fixed-fee proposal. Contact Simon by email or call 01473 688100.

Alternatively, use our Contact Page here.

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