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Employment Tribunal Claims

Ensuring you get the best representation - for us it's personal

If you think you have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against at work and wish to bring an employment tribunal claim we can help you. We specialise in representing employees in the employment tribunals. Our clients come from all walks of life, jobs and professions, and they live and work throughout the UK.

Benefit from our systematic approach

Our highly experienced employment tribunal solicitors follow a systematic approach that ensures nothing is missed and legal costs are not wasted when handling your employment tribunal claim.

From the start, we will judge carefully the merits and estimated value of your case so that these can be balanced against your likely legal costs and tribunal fees. Our initial conclusions allow us to have meaningful discussions with you about your case options, tactics and risks so that you can make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed at each stage of our case.

If you decide to bring a claim we will agree with you a case plan which is then kept under review as your case is progressed.

Case preparation from our expert tribunal solicitors

A key objective for us is to present your claim in the clearest and most confident way.  This gives your claim the best possible chance of succeeding at a hearing but also to encourage settlement on the most favourable terms, as quickly as possible. Settling your claim can save you considerable legal costs, not to mention the possible stress and anxiety that an employment tribunal claim can cause.

If settlement is not possible, we also know that a case is often won or lost by the quality of the case preparation. This is why we conduct our tribunal litigation so that each case is suitably well organised and presented.

Questions and answers

What types of employment tribunal claims do you handle?

We deal with all types of employment tribunal claims including:

  • unfair dismissal
  • disability discrimination
  • age discrimination
  • sex discrimination
  • race discrimination
  • sexual orientation discrimination
  • religious belief discrimination
  • all forms of harassment claims
  • unlawful/unauthorised deductions from wages/pay
  • breach of contract claims
  • equal pay claims

If I instruct Quantrills, who will deal with my case?

Your case would be handled by an experienced employment tribunal litigation solicitor. We don’t use trainees, paralegals or other unqualified staff to do our legal work. This means you can be assured your case will be dealt with by an expert solicitor. For details about our team of solicitors please see our Meet the Team page here.

I have legal expenses insurance, can Quantrills act for me under my policy?

Yes, we act for many employees who have the benefit of legal expenses insurance. You will need to discuss this option with us, ideally before you make your application to your insurer. Don’t be put off if your insurer tries to tell you that you must use a solicitor appointed by them. In most cases you have the right to use the solicitor of your choice.

Do I need a solicitor to represent me with my employment tribunal claim?

No, it is possible for you to represent yourself through all stages of a tribunal case. If your case is of a low value or is relatively uncomplicated this can be a sensible way to proceed. However, employment law and the tribunal procedures can be complicated so many people opt to appoint a solicitor to represent them professionally especially in high-value and complicated cases. Using experienced and specialist employment tribunal solicitors like Quantrills also helps to minimise the stress and anxiety of bringing a claim. As specialist employment law solicitors we will always make sure your case is presented and argued in the most legally advantageous way.

How much are my legal costs likely to be if I start an employment tribunal claim?

We will discuss and agree with you how much your legal costs and tribunal fees are likely to be throughout your case. We normally work to agreed budgets for each stage of a claim and we check the value of your claim against the estimated legal costs. Your legal costs will ultimately depend on how much work we will need to do before your case is settled or heard at the employment tribunal. We will always strive to keep your legal costs as low as possible.

What are the fees to be paid when starting an employment tribunal claim?

For all claims that are started on or after 29 July 2013 fixed issue and hearing fees are payable by the cliamant (ie the employee). Full details are set out in our briefing note Introduction of Employment Tribunal Fees.

How can I keep my legal fees under control?

We will do our best to ensure your legal fees always fall inside any cost estimate or budget agreed with you.

Please see our pages on How to keep your legal fees under control and How we charge employees for our services for more details.

I live miles away from Ipswich, can you still act for me?

Yes, without any doubt we can. We routinely act for employee clients who are not local to Ipswich. Our clients come from all over the country. We are organised so that you can easily contact and instruct us online, by email and by phone, and there is always the post or fax! You can book telephone meetings with us and email has made it so easy to correspond with us. By instructing Quantrills you will benefit from our truly personal service even if we don’t meet face-to-face.

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Before you call or meet with us it will help us better understand the background facts and your concerns if you:

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  • prepare a short chronology or list of key events
  • use one of our online forms to tell us about your problem.

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Reasons to choose Quantrills

Expert help from solicitors Your case will be personally handled by a qualified employment law solicitor with years of experience who will make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Jargon free advice Our clear and straightforward advice ensures you understand your legal position helping you make informed decisions.

Convenient easy access We like to hear form our clients. Instructing your solicitor at Quantrills is easy by:

  • phone and email
  • our online forms you can save
  • meetings held in person, by telephone or Skype

Best client care How we look after you as a client is very important to us so you will recieve:

  • same day response
  • highest quality legal advice and representation
  • value for money and competitive fee options with no hidden costs


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Right from my first meeting, Quantrills gave me the confidence to pursue my claim for unfair dismissal

Employee client thanking Tina Cotter about her work

I was given honest and realistic advice and everything was explained clearly. I felt extremely comfortable dealing with Tina through what was a challenging process. And the best part was that the Tribunal found in my favour. Thank you Quantrills.

You were a joy to work with

A thank you message from employee client

A big thank you for making a daunting process possible and bringing my tribunal to a successful conclusion.

I want to express my sincere thanks to you and Tina for your help and support in concluding my claim

Thank you note to Simon Quantrill from employee client after settling his unfair dismissal and discrimination claim

As you know my case followed a period of illness, has been extremely difficult for me but has only been bearable knowing that I had your support and expert guidance throughout.

I would like to say a huge thank you for all your efforts

Employee client's thanks to us after winning her claim for unfair dismissal

You were patient and professional to the end, and I am very grateful to you.