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Changes to the caps on fines for criminal offences

Posted on 27th July 2012
Briefing note

Businesses should note the forthcoming changes that will remove or amend the caps on fines that magistrates' courts can impose for criminal offences. For example, a fine payable on summary conviction that is currently capped at the statutory maximum (£5,000), or capped at a higher amount (for example, £20,000 or £50,000), will become a fine of an unlimited amount in England and Wales.

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When the changes are brought into force, they will apply across all business sectors and will affect a wide range of legislation, including commercial, company, property, health and safety and environmental laws. Companies and their directors may have to reconsider their approach to any offences that, up until now, may have been treated as relatively minor because of the low fines involved.

Our checklist on changes to fines for criminal offences sets out the forthcoming changes.

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